Code of Practice

RealCalls Code of PracticeCode of Practice

This Code of Practice has been compiled to give you, the customer, a clear statement of how we conduct our business and to describe the relationship we have with our customers. It provides a statement of the available services to customers and also those interested in finding out more about RealCalls. It explains how we provide these services and the key support services and company policies. It describes how you can and should contact us when you need help or want to change the services you have and how we will respond. It also describes what you should do in the unlikely event that we do not meet your expectations.

What is RealCalls?
RealCalls provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services for residential customers, using the RealCalls Adapter which connects your home telephone handset and line with your internet connection so that you get the best of both worlds using your home phone.

How can I contact RealCalls?
If you wish to contact us you can email us at support at RealCalls dot com or call 020 33976 888.

If you wish to complain you can email us at complaints at RealCalls dot com or call 020 33976 888.

If you wish to write to us please address any post to RealCalls Telephony Services, Suite 2273, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN, UK.

Our Obligations
There are numerous statutory and regulatory obligations that RealCalls are bound by. Some of these are summarised below.

Illegal Use of Services
We do not promote the use of our service for illegal purposes and we take appropriate steps to guard against our services being used for such purposes.

We use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that our promotional material complies with all applicable legislation and non-statutory regulation, including in particular, that:-

  1. If transmitted by radio, television, teletext, telephone, facsimile or any other form of communication, it observes the provisions of the ITSPA Code of Practice and the Codes of Practice published by OFCOM or any other relevant regulatory body in the manner most reasonable and appropriate to the technology employed;
  2. It complies with the provisions of the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion supervised by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Emergency Calls
The RealCalls Adapter is set to route calls to emergency services automatically over your existing telephone line, as long as you have connected the Adapter correctly, as illustrated here.

Best Practice
As well as regulatory and statutory obligations, RealCalls are aligned with the ITSPA Code of Practice which aims to enhance the reputation of the internet telephony industry by promoting standards over and above those required by law and regulation.

ITSPA from time to time produce Best Practice Documents on particular industry issues. RealCalls support and adhere to these best practices including ‘Number Porting between ITSPA Members’ and ‘Blocking and Filtering of Internet Traffic’.

Service Reliability Advice
Using the RealCalls service is dependent upon the RealCalls Adapter having access to the internet.  If internet access is blocked by a firewall or if it’s offline due to a fault with your internet service or a power-cut you will be unable to make calls using the RealCalls service, however, the Adapter will automatically route any outbound calls over your existing telephone line, as long as you have connected the Adapter correctly, as illustrated here.

Caller ID
The RealCalls service validates caller IDs so that only legitimate and authorised numbers can be used by our customers in order to prevent fraud and spam.

Trade Bodies
RealCalls is a member of ITSPA the Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association. As a member RealCalls subscribes to the ITSPA Code of Practice ( as well as current legislative and regulatory requirements. ITSPA can be contacted at: ITSPA, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0SR or via their website

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Full details of RealCalls Customer Complaints Code can be found at
RealCalls’s appointed independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service is CISAS. They can be contacted at no cost to the customer at: CISAS, 24 Angel Gate, London, EC1V 2PT or via

As a Communications Provider, RealCalls is regulated by OFCOM. OFCOM can be contacted at: Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HA or via their website at

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