Landline Calls

Super Cheap calls from your home phone!

Make SuperCheap calls from your home phone using either the RealCalls Cordless Phone or the RealCalls Adapter.

You are in control and can decide if you want some or all calls to go to RealCalls.
Using RealCalls does not affect your current service and will not affect inbound calls or your answer machine.

You can call other RealCalls customers and talk for as long as you want for free, no matter where they are located in the world.

Also, you can enable our nuisance call blocker, which just asks callers to press 1 to connect the call. More details on the nuisance call blocker here.

Jargon Buster: By Landline or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) we mean the telephone service that is provided by BT, Virgin, Sky, TalkTalk, etc. and is your primary telephone service.

RealCalls works as an “Over the Top” service, whereby some outbound calls go over RealCalls on the internet and all inbound calls are handled by your primary telephone service as normal.

Calls to Emergency Services and Operator Services are routed to your Primary Telephone service.

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