Mobile Calls

Super Cheap international Mobile Calls!

The RealCalls Adapter can also be used to make Free and Super Cheap Calls from you Mobile phone.

It’s a simple to use, you just dial your home phone from your mobile and then dial the international number enabling you to call international numbers from your mobile at RealCalls’ Super Cheap rates!

It’s easy to setup and works by setting the Adapter to answer calls with a message from you saying “Press 1 to continue this call” however, by dialing a PIN code that you have set, you are prompted by the Adapter to dial the number you wish to call and then your call is connected as if you were dialing it directly from your home phone.

Most mobile plans include calls to landline numbers, so that the call from your mobile to your home phone is either covered within your inclusive minutes or at low to landline rates so that the combined cost of the call to your home phone and then onward call to the international destination is massively cheaper than if you had dialed the international number directly from your mobile phone.

Make sure that the party you want to call also has a RealCalls Adapter so that you can call them from your mobile for free, how cool is that!

Using RealCalls Mobile calling feature increases the convenience of making cheap calls abroad so that you can work with the time zones rather than miss making a call because you are out or at work.

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