RealCalls Adapter

The RealCalls Adapter, which combines your home phone and your internet connection is made by Obihai of California.

RealCalls has worked with Obihai, to ensure that the model we use, the OBi-110, is fully localised for UK use.

Once the RealCalls Adapter is connected you will be able to:

  • call over the internet from your home phone
  • make free calls to anyone else who has a RealCalls Adapter, wherever they are in the world

    RealCalls OBi110 QSG

    click here to view the Quick Start Guide

  • make Realcalls from a mobile phone
  • block nuisance calls
  • make three ways call
  • enable call forwarding on all calls, when you are on the line or when there is no answer
  • enable call waiting
  • transfer calls

The Adapter is set to prefer RealCalls (VoIP) over PSTN, but it can easily be switched around to send all calls one way or the other or you can route calls on a call by call basis.
– When set to prefer VoIP, prefix a call with **8 to call over PSTN
– When set to prefer PSTN, prefix a call with **1 to call over VoIP

The package contains:

  1. The RealCalls Adapter & Power Supply
  2. Network Cable, to connect your Adapter to your broadband router
  3. The Phone Service Cable
  4. Handset Cable Plug converter

Additional OBi-110 features are available by dialing Star Codes:

*05, Tell device to periodically redial the last called number until the called party rings or answers
*06, Cancel the last repeat dial request
*07 Redial
*69 Call Return
*81 Block Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*82 Unblock Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*67 Block Caller ID (One Time)
*68 Unblock Caller ID (One Time)
*72 Call Forward All (Enter Number + #)
*73 Disable Call Forward All
*60 Call Forward on Busy (Enter Number + #)
*61 Disable Call Forward in Busy
*62 Call Forward on No Answer (Enter Number + #)
*63 Disable Call Forward No Answer
*77 Block Anonymous Calls
*87 Unblock Anonymous Calls
*56 Enable Call Waiting
*57 Disable Call Waiting
*78 Do Not Disturb – Turn On
*79 Do Not Disturb – Disable
*66 Repeat Dial
*86 Disable Repeat Dial
*74 Speed Dial Set-Up (Enter SD No. [1-99] then Tel No. + #) ∞
*75 Speed Dial Read-Back (Enter SD No.)
*76, Clear a Speed Dial
*96, Barge In
*98, Blind Transfer

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