Stop unwanted Nuisance CallsIf unwanted nuisance calls are driving you mad, here’s a simple solution.

As well as enabling free and super cheap calls, The RealCalls Adapter, from, can be set to answer calls with a short message from you saying “Press 1 to continue this call”.

Most nuisance calls are made by a computer that automatically dials loads of numbers and the calls are only passed to an operator when the call is answered, which is why you get the long silence after answering the call and before the operator asks you how you are today.

The RealCalls Adapter will answer the call right away and play the message “press 1 to continue this call”. No computer will do that, so that when the call is passed to the operator they will just hear a silence and the call will not get through to you.

Why are Nuisance calls so annoying?
Maybe it was that time you rushed to the phone only to find it was a call centre trying to sell you something you didn’t want or need.

Or it could have been that text message offering thousands of pounds in compensation for an injury you hadn’t even suffered.

Nuisance calls and messages come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be inconvenient and annoying at the best of times.

If you’re fed up receiving these calls and messages the RealCalls Adapter will not only stop the calls, it will also enable you to make free and super cheap phone calls.

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