Frequently Asked Questions

Why are RealCalls so Cheap?

  • We partner with leading carriers to deliver high quality low cost calls and we maximise VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which simply cuts costs and enables us to offer super low call rates to our customers.
  • We also offer more “Break Out” rates than our competitors so that we can pass savings on to you for calls to specific in-country destinations.

What about inbound calls?

  • The RealCalls Cordless phone is completely independent of your normal phone line.  Outgoing calls present your normal phone number to callers so that they know it’s you calling and call you back on your normal phone
  • The RealCalls Adapter combines your existing phone service provider with the RealCalls internet calling service, so that inbound calls are not affected.

What do I get for £39.95?

  • You get a fully configured RealCalls Adapter, that enables you to combine your existing phone line and your internet connection so that you get the best of both worlds using your home phone, plus £5 of calling credit to get you going.

What’s this about blocking Nuisance calls 

  • When you switch on the “attendant feature” all inbound calls are answered by the Adapter with a message saying “press 1 to continue this call”. Most nuisance calls are made by computers and are only passed to an operator when the call is answered, which is why you get the long silence after answering the call and before the operator says, “Hello, how are your today? The RealCalls Adapter will answer the call right away and play the message “press 1 to continue this call”. As the computer won’t do that the call is passed to the operator they will just hear a silence, and the call will not get through to you.
  • To record your own prompts, just dial ***0 from the phone that is connected to the Adapter and enter 1004# and record “Press 1 to continue this call!.

Free calls?

  • You can call other RealCalls customers and talk for as long as you want for free, no matter where they are located in the world.

Can I use my RealCalls Cordless Phone or Adapter in any country?

  • Yes, just connect the Adapter to an Internet Router using the the supplied Network cable.As standard, the Adapter will work in exactly the same way it would in the UK so you dial 01, 02 03 & 07 numbers as normal and prefix international calls with 00.

What about the small print?

  • We believe in simplicity.  Calls are billed in 1 second increments and rounded up to the nearest penny, that’s it!


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